Within our Direct Advocacy program, we provide Adult Advocacy for vocational, residential, recreational, legal and medical concerns of adults with I/DD living in Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. It is estimated that as many as 12,000 adults with I/DD in our tri-county service area. Last year, our two adult advocates served 764 unduplicated adults. Our assistance can be as simple as helping an adult to obtain a bus pass, or as life-saving as providing bedside advocacy for an adult during a medical emergency.

In some circumstances where adults with I/DD do not have family or other natural support systems, we have legal advocacy relationships in place. This includes serving as guardians, authorized representatives or medical proxy for some adults. Of the adults we advocated for last year, approximately 25% have these formal designations in place. In these instances, individualized advocacy is significantly more time-intensive than other advocacy requests. Because many of these relationships have legal obligations, we do serve a limited number of adults living in other front-range counties.

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