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Community Outreach

Arc Posters at a Resource Fair

As part of our mission to promote attitudes, practices, programs and policies that enable people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be included as a natural and integral part of community life, we support family-led and community-based projects and programs that amplify our work.

The Arc values opportunities to find more ways for people with IDD to participate in typical activities throughout their communities. We facilitate discussions, trainings and events that broaden perceptions within the community and deepen the capacity of both organizations and people to include people with IDD. 

If we truly want to make our community more welcoming for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, then we also have a responsibility to ensure everyone in the community has access to information and resources that will empower them to better support people with IDD. 


Below is a list of our most common outreach activities, but if you don't see what you're looking for, we're happy to talk with you about your needs. For more information or to request a speaker, please contact us at (303) 232-1338 or 

  • Presentations about The Arc

    Interested in learning more about The Arc and our work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Request a speaker to come talk to your group. Presentation length can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact Brent at

  • People First Language & Disability Etiquette

    Learn about the impact of people first language and other tips to help you be more comfortable interacting with and supporting people with disabilities. Contact Brent at

  • Invite us to your resource fair!

    Hosting an event with a resource fair? We're happy to send a representative to share The Arc's work on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Contact Brent at

  • Sharing our stories can bring us together. Maybe you have a story that will inspire others and make a difference? Or perhaps you have a tale to tell that will have us rolling on the floor laughing? Click the link above to share your story!


In addition to more formal outreach activities, The Arc hosts a variety of special events for our community. These events bring together people from the disability world and our allies from the general public to build relationships and strengthen our community.

Thank You To Our Transformative Partner FirstBank!

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