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The Arc – Jefferson, Clear Creek & Gilpin Counties empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to achieve full and satisfying lives through awareness of their rights, responsibility, and opportunities. The adult advocacy team provides empowerment through:

  • Direct Advocacy for individuals and families who need individual support and information

  • Training and Outreach to provide group educational opportunities

  • Systemic Advocacy to help shape or change policies and procedures that affect people with I/DD
  • Direct Advocacy: Our adult advocacy team supports and prioritizes individuals with I/DD who reside in Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. The needs of people who contact The Arc typically fall into two categories: those whose needs are short-term and can be met through information and referral, and those who need individual support. We respond to all requests, engaging on different levels depending on the intensity of the individual’s needs as every situation is unique. The adult advocacy team returns every phone call as promptly as possible, assesses the need each individual situation, and then engages in the following levels of support:

  • Provide information and referral to resources, trainings, and self-advocacy groups

  • Engage in a phone consult to address concerns and questions, if needed

  • Identify a plan of action for individual support, if needed

  • Individual support is subject to professional judgment and available resources after an assessment of the situation
  • The types of individuals we serve include:

  • Community Centered Board (CCB) eligible, active or waiting for services individuals at Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, (DDRC) or limited other CCB’s in metro area

  • Wheat Ridge Regional Center (WRRC)

  • Non CCB eligible
  • The types of issues we may encounter include:

  • Appeals (CCB, Social Security, Access A Ride, Medicaid Waivers)

  • Guardianship, medical proxy

  • Health and safety issues

  • Abuse and neglect

  • Employment support

  • Program issues

  • Hospitalization

  • Mental health

  • End of life planning

  • Legal issues

  • Application processes

  • Placement

  • Landlord issues

  • Inter-Disciplinary Team consultation
  • In 2010, our adult advocacy staff provided individualized advocacy for 622 adults

    Advocacy Trainings: Adult advocates partner with DDRC to offer Alternatives to Guardianship, which helps families and individuals understand the many aspects of guardianship as it affects adults with developmental disabilities. We additionally provide training on family sensitivity issues for new DDRC employees. In 2010, our adult advocacy staff provided 15 trainings attended by 257 people

    Advocacy Outreach: A key part of our work is educating the public about the needs of our community and providing a variety of opportunities for people with disabilities in the community. Outreach activities include presentations with community partners and sponsoring groups for adults such as AKtion Club, People First, Coffee House, and Speaking for Ourselves of Colorado. In 2010, our adult advocacy staff provided 78 activities

    Systemic Advocacy: As part of our goal to help people with I/DD achieve greater levels of independence and inclusion, adult advocates provide a critical voice in policy decisions across all levels, from community and civic organizations to government agencies at all levels. Adult advocates work to be a proactive voice for people with I/DD in the greater non-I/DD community and by collaborating with I/DD community partners to share expertise and connect people with I/DD to their community. In 2010, our adult advocacy staff maintained 27 partnerships with various community organizations.

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