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Week Two Action Items

Select a Person With IDD to Follow On Instagram.

Learn more about different perspectives and build connections.

Watch a Video on Disability Etiquette.

Reviewing tips on from time to time on how to interact respectfully with each other can be educational and fun. Here are some examples:

Disability etiquette video

Disability etiquette PSA

The Dos and Don’ts of Disability

Identify Ways You Might Make Your Workplace More Accessible

Read, share and discuss these ideas with your team.

Sign Up for The Arc In Motion

Keep up with current issues and events in our community by signing up for - and encouraging your friends to subscribe to - our chapter’s weekly newsletter.

The Arc in Motion contains essential local information and important news for our community and it is conveniently delivered by email every Wednesday. To subscribe, click here.

Ask Your Children What They Know About People With Disabilities.

This article may help you start the conversation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from each other.

Shop at arc Thrift Stores to Support People Who Have IDD.

Not only is arc Thrift Stores one of the state’s largest employers of people with IDD, proceeds generated through the sale of gently used clothing and household items at arc Thrift Stores are distributed to The Arc, ACL, and Advocacy Denver Chapters in Colorado. Gift cards are available, too. Here is the link to arc Thrift Store’s website.

Read an Article About a Notable Historic Person with a Disability.

Here are a few suggestions on who to choose. The past teaches us about the present. Strengthening greater awareness and understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face may inspire action to make needed changes.

Thank You To Our Transformative Partner FirstBank!

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