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Alexa Kelahan

Alexa Kelahan

Alexa Kelahan is a young woman with a knack for getting the best out of life. Her many interests and fun activities ensure that she is never bored. One of those interests is her love of travel to visit family and experience fun places, like Las Vegas. If she ran into her favorite actor, Channing Tatum, on one of those trips it might be a dream come true. Alexa has an interest in politics and would like to visit Washington, DC to learn more about our government and to get more involved in our democracy. For now, Alexa is eager to restart her work at arc Thrift. She dreams of one day working in social media or mediation. She’s very active on social media and she would like to move out on her own one day, making this one of her primary goals. “I want to start my own life and be more independent. I want to live closer to family members, and closer to arc Thrift, where I have been working—the people there are like my second family.”

Being a kind and generous person, Alexa always lends a supportive ear for a friend in need. She loves to help others feel happy and smile again. Two ways that Alexa makes herself happy are watching the Great British Baking Show and eating one of her favorite cookies—chocolate chip. That sounds like a wonderful combination!

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