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Thanks to Amendment 51 Supporters

I’ve been trying all day to put words to this: if it wasn’t worth so much, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Genni Williams, our director of development, said, “You’ve got to send an email to our group and thank them” and of course she is right.

Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard on this. As Hannah’s dad, I have been proud to see her face on our promotional materials. But even more, I am proud of her spirit to succeed, to be accepted as the individual she is, and at her absolute acceptance of who she is in this world. She is my inspiration. And I know most of you have the same sentiments toward those in your life and they are your passion. What a team effort! The parents, the CCBS, the Arcs, and all of those who have signed on.

The End the Wait List coalition team will need to ponder our next steps, but we have made great strides in educating many citizens about the great injustice of the Waiting Lists. Genni noted, “As a chapter, we only have 425 active members (households, not votes). Our email blasts went out to about 850 people. Yet 112,253 people from our service area voted in favor of 51, almost 36% of all voters. Which tells me we have a lot of supporters …in our own backyard.”

We need to analyze just what the “no” vote means. Floyd Ciruli said it was the “economy,” not people’s support for people with developmental disabilities. Others think it’s the legislature’s job to get this taken care of. Lots to think about. But here is one thing to ponder:

The only precinct that passed Amendment 51 in all of Jefferson County was in Golden, the same one where Hannah works at Safeway, the same one where she lives in her own apartment. So next time, whatever the next action is, we need lots more “faces” out there, more examples of “real people with real needs” because it appears that when they know the people we’re talking about, the more likely they support it.

As we analyze all this, we would love to hear back from you. Again, my thanks for your personal contributions and your support.

Todd Lowther

Thank You To Our Transformative Partner FirstBank!

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